Colemans to develop land in middle of Corner Brook

colemans newfoundland

The Colemans Group of Companies is back to focusing on developing a sizable piece of land in the University Drive, O’Connell Drive and Elizabeth Street area in Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador), reports Western Star.

The company has nine hectares of land in that busy area of the city, and Eugene Coleman says they have been planning to develop it since 1997.

Coleman spoke in mid-March about the plan for the construction of an apartment building and retail shop or shops in the portion of land facing O’Connell Drive, while single or double dwelling units would be erected on land bordering the Elizabeth Street area.

While addressing the public hearing of the city’s Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan and 2012 development regulations, the city businessman discussed the project with Gerard Martin, the commissioner, in hopes of influencing zone changes to allow the development to take place sometime in the future.

Proposed zone changes to this area would not allow for the construction of houses, while retail shops would be a discretionary use under the new proposed innovation district zone. An apartment complex would be permitted.

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