New Brunswick to spend nearly $100Mto build schools


The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will spend $95.9 million to build and improve schools in New Brunswick.

As part of a multi-year infrastructure spending plan, the department will be investing in 10 new projects and three studies in 2015-16.

The multi-year plan will enable the construction industry to anticipate the department’s infrastructure needs. The plan also supports the government’s work to ensure spending continues to be managed responsibly.The plan aims at addressing health and safety requirements, capacity deficiencies and the rationalization of infrastructure, according to a statement.

“New Brunswick’s public schools must continue to offer safe and healthy environments that meet the needs of students, teachers and staff,”Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Serge Rousselle states. “This significant investment in educational infrastructure will result in new and enhanced schools that will support students as they continue their journey of learning.”

Additionally, Rousselle says that work will continue on 14 existing major capital projects. Rousselle also announced the Mid-Life Upgrade project, a new component of the department’s capital program. The project is designed to identify schools with significant deficiencies due to age and size. This process will enable the department to carry out upgrades and modernize schools.

In addition, the department’s capital budget includes $23 million for a series of capital improvement projects, each under $1 million. The amount includes funds supporting programs to ensure all schools meet basic health, safety and maintenance requirements.


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