DND to build new $66 Halifax armoury.

willow park armoury
An artist's rendering of the Willow Park Armoury to be built in Halifax

The federal government has announced it will spend $66 million to build a new armoury at Willow Park in Halifax. The project is expected to be completed by the fall 2018.

The government says the armoury’s design will improve the units’ ability to train, work, and deploy on exercises and operations by providing well-configured administration and training facilities, an outdoor compound for their respective military vehicle fleets, and facilities for storing and maintaining other equipment.

After the new structure is completed,  three existing buildings at Willow Park that currently house 36 Service Battalion will be demolished as part of this project.

Halifax MP Andy Fillmore also announced three other infrastructure investments of $21 million in the Halifax area: the next phase of the rehabilitation of the North Park Armoury in Halifax, upgrades to various naval jetties at the Halifax Dockyard, as well as pavement work at the Department of National Defence’s Shearwater airfield.

In detail:


  • Rehabilitation of the North Park Armoury will begin in the coming months, and will ensure this National Historic Site and classified Heritage Building continues to support the Army Reserve in Halifax. It will house The Princess Louise Fusiliers and The Halifax Rifles (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps), as well as two army cadet corps. The upcoming phase of the project will involve reconstruction of the west wall.
  • Repairs and upgrades to various jetties at the Halifax Dockyard will include replacement of lighting infrastructure and electrical transformers, as well as repairs to jetty structural elements.
  • Work at the Shearwater airfield will include pavement upgrades, repair and replacement of existing lighting on the ramps and approaches to the airfield, as well as restoration of security and task lighting.


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