Halifax airport starts $44.5 million to upgrade passenger check-in and baggage processing

halifax airport

Work has started to upgrade and expand the main check-in hall of the terminal building at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, the airport said in a news release.

PCL Constructors Canada Ltd. is acting as construction manager for the $44.5 million project that will “improve the overall passenger experience,” said Tom Ruth, the airport authority’s president and CEO. “Not only will passenger processing and circulation space be improved, the facility will now be equipped to accommodate future growth.”

These improvements will provide additional space for passenger check-in and circulation, improved baggage handling and screening systems, and a modernized façade, consistent with the rest of the terminal building. Once complete, these renovations will enable improvements to the check-in process using the latest in passenger processing technology.

May 2013 to spring 2014 – Domestic/international passenger drop-off

In order to construct the new façade of the check-in hall, the front of the terminal and the sidewalk will be enclosed by construction hoarding. The road lane closest to the terminal, which is currently used for unloading passengers, will be converted to a sidewalk. This will result in one lane for through traffic, and one lane for passenger unloading. The entrances to the terminal building will be relocated to both ends of the hoarding to allow safe access to the terminal. Signs will be installed to clearly indicate unloading areas and terminal entrances.

Passengers who are being dropped off for domestic or international (non-U.S.) flights will see construction hoarding along the departures curb. The departures curb will continue to operate, however the entrances to the terminal will be relocated slightly, to each end of the hoarded area. Passengers may wish to allow themselves a little extra time to make their way into the terminal building for check-in.

April 2013 to November 2013 – Domestic/international baggage conveyance and screening systems

Behind the scenes, improvements to the baggage conveyance and screening systems are also underway. With its space-saving design, the new state-of-the-art baggage system will increase efficiency and provide capacity to meet future passenger traffic growth. In partnership with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), the baggage screening system will be modernized with advanced screening technology.

The new baggage system installation will have no direct impact on passengers as the current baggage system will continue to operate until the new system is installed, tested, and put into service.

June 2013 to Spring 2014 – Domestic/international check-in hall

During this time, the interior of the check-in hall will be renovated. This renovation will be completed in phases, with different areas of the check-in hall under construction at different times. When complete, this area will be expanded with more check-in kiosks, more circulation space, and better lines of sight.

Passengers will notice various areas of the hall temporarily hoarded for construction. During this time, airlines may operate at different check-in counters than they normally do. All airlines will continue to operate and signs will help direct passengers to the appropriate check-in counter.  Passengers may wish to allow a little extra time to find their airline check-in area.

January 2013 to June 2013 – Transborder (U.S. preclearance)

A project is also underway to expand the north (far) end of the terminal building to create an area to house new baggage processing and screening equipment for transborder (U.S.) flights. The expanded facility will provide increased capacity and more efficient baggage processing.

This new facility will enable renovations to take place in the check-in area for non-stop US-bound flights (Preclearance). The check-in area will be reconfigured with additional check-in counters and self service kiosks installed. New baggage drop devices will be installed which will significantly reduce the time required for passengers to check their luggage.

Passenger flow through the check-in area will be improved.

There will be minimal impact on passengers.


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