Jack & Co. Ltd. Insurance brokerage serves Nova Scotia construction industry since 1860

Keith Moir

Canadian Design and Construction Report special feature

Jack & Co. Ltd. insurance brokerage has been serving Nova Scotia construction businesses since1860 and has been a member of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia since it began in 1862.

Keith MoirGeneral insurance broker Keith Moir says the brokerage provides a wide range of insurance products to the industry and keeps clients up-to-date to stay secure and protect assets. “Changes in technology can mean great things but they can also cause problems,” Moir says. “With the Internet and companies setting up their own websites, not everyone realizes they have to be very careful about what they put out there.”

Moir says social media issues and a general litigiousness can increase business owners’ liabilities if they list skills or experience on their sites they can’t fully back up. “We make sure we keep clients up-to-date on the latest coverage and make sure they are aware of and covered for potential risks as they expand or change the way they do business.”

Moir says the historic construction association relationships provides valuable connections with clients, allowing Jack & Co. Ltd. to provide comprehensive resources and support for clients. The brokerage’s multi-generation history – spanning 150 years – also means that contractors know they will be served with respect and a strong sense of traditional values, even as Jack & Co. Ltd. helps clients prepare and adapt to new conditions.

“The bottom line is servicing your customer,” he says. “We as people who specialize and serve businesses within the construction industry clearly understand their needs.”

For more information visit jack-co.com.


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