NB: CFM, New Brunswick to build new Deer Island ferry


Saint John-based Custom Fabricators and Machinists (CFM)entered into a partnership with the provincial government to build a new, 24-car ferry for Deer Island.

It will replace the John E. Rigby in the spring of 2015.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams said he was pleased the provincial government was able to secure the work in New Brunswick.

“Our partnership with CFM will also include other New Brunswick-based suppliers in northern New Brunswick to stimulate jobs and economic activity,” Williams said in a statement. “Through this initiative, we are upgrading our fleet while building industry capacity in the province. The new vessel will incorporate operational efficiencies to lower maintenance and fuel costs and will enhance the Fundy Isles ferry service.”

The provincial government awarded the project through an exemption under the Public Purchasing Act. Further details are still being finalized.

“This project will create work for an equivalent of 35 full-time skilled tradespeople at CFM, many of whom have proudly built ferries for New Brunswick during the past 20 years,” said Mike Turnbull, general manager, CFM. “We appreciate the vote of confidence in the skill, experience and commitment of the CFM team. We look forward to soliciting proposals and working with provincial suppliers in the building of this ferry for New Brunswick throughout 2014.”

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