New Brunswick seeks bidsto re-purpose old Moncton HighSchool


The New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has issued a second request for proposals (RFPs) to identify interested and qualified developers to buy and re-purpose the historic former Moncton High School and the surrounding land, reports Daily Business Buzz.

“We continue to seek a development that preserves the historic significance of the building and offers economic benefits to the province and the City of Moncton. The project scope has been expanded to include opportunities for 1,530 sq. metres (17,000 sq. feet) of leased space for government offices and for up to three local non-profit organizations which wish to become tenants with support from the city,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams.

The RFP continues to seek a mixed-use project for the 77-year-old school that could also include, but is not limited to, arts and culture, community space, residential, retail and commercial space, or green space. The building is on 2.8 hectares, 7-acres, of land at 207 Church St., within the city’s Heritage Preservation Area.

Under the RFP, the exterior and interior character of the two and a half storey, Gothic Revival style, stone building must be retained so that the defining elements of the structure are incorporated into any re-development. Any new construction must enhance the historic features of the building and complement existing neighbourhood land use.

Interested developers must submit a detailed proposal demonstrating their qualifications, knowledge, resources, financial capacity, and experience in similar or identical commercial land development and construction projects. They must also describe the nature and extent of their proposed development, the preservation of the historic features, the time frame for completion, their financial viability, as well as the economic benefits to the province and city.

The province is seeking a proposal to purchase, design, re-build and operate the building as a mixed-use project.

Proposals will be accepted until Nov. 7.

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