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Construction on the province’s $7.7-billion hydroelectric project at Muskrat Falls rolled along in November 2013 — according to the latest numbers released by Nalcor Energy — bringing bulk excavation work close to an end, continuing tree clearing and establishing a starting point for drilling the power link between Newfoundland and Labrador, reports Daily Business Buzz.

Nalcor Energy has reported $230 million spent on project work between January and the end of November 2013, but there is no benchmark to indicate if that number is on target with predicted costs.

The latest monthly report shows 1,667 people working on the project in November. Of that total, 81% – 1,352 people — were reported as Newfoundland and Labrador residents. The count includes all aspects of the project work, from offices in St. John’s to heavy machine operators on the ground in Labrador.

There was $88 million spent in the month, with about $15 million paid out to Labrador companies. Newfoundland and Labrador companies received 47% of the money spent for project work and supplies — about $41 million.

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