Nova Scotia builder unveils Net Zero Energy Ready home near Halifax

ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting VIP's from left to right: Salvitore Ciarlo, Technical Services Manager, Owens Corning Canada John Greenough, President, Provident Development Tim Outhit, Councillor, Bedford-Wentworth Mike Savage, Mayor, Halifax Sherry Donovan, CEO, Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association Jane Morgan, President, Canadian Home Builders' Association David Hilchey, Provident Development

Provident Development completes the first of five homes it will construct as part of a Canada-wide Net Zero Energy initiative

Provident Development hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Nov. 2 to celebrate the completion of the first of five homes built as part of a national project that will almost double the amount of Net Zero Energy homes in Canada. Provident is the only homebuilder from Atlantic Canada to be selected for this initiative.

The Net Zero Energy Ready home at 70 Aspenhill Ct. in Bedford aims to demonstrate that these energy-efficient homes can be built using existing technologies and are accessible to the average homebuyer.

More than $4 million in funding and in-kind contributions from the federal government, Owens Corning Canada and the building industry will allow for the construction of at least 25 Net Zero Energy homes in four provinces. Net Zero Energy homes generate as much energy as they consume, on an annual basis.

“We believe that this is the future of the housing industry and look forward to providing input to create net-zero housing that will be sustainable for production building,” said Provident Development president John Greenough. “Our team is truly excited about being part of this initiative and advancing efforts to deliver acceptable consumer design and cost-effective home construction products and procedures.”

ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting VIP’s from left to right: Salvitore Ciarlo, technical services manager, Owens Corning Canada; John Greenough, president, Provident Development; Tim Outhit, Councillor, Bedford-Wentworth, Halifax mayor Mike Savage; Sherry Donovan, CEO, Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association; Jane Morgan, president, Canadian Home Builders’ Association; David Hilchey, Provident Development

The 2,070 sq. ft. home, which features three bedrooms plus a lofted den, has been designed for Net Zero living. While it looks remarkably similar to most other newly constructed homes from the outside, key features that ensure the home is Net Zero Energy Ready, include:

  • Advanced insulation techniques, including the Owens Corning™ CodeBord Air Barrier System that will help retain warmth in colder seasons and protect against drafts
  • Triple-pane, high-performance windows
  • Advanced heat pump technology for space heating
  • LED lighting
  • An energy monitoring system to track energy consumption in real time
  • A roof designed to accommodate solar panels for electricity generation to achieve Net Zero Energy

“Owens Corning is proud to be on the East Coast to celebrate the next achievement in our national Net Zero project that is greatly influencing the future of energy-efficient housing in Canada,” said Salvatore Ciarlo, technical services manager, Owens Corning Canada. “We applaud Provident’s contributions to our collaborative mission to demonstrate homeowners can afford to live in energy-efficient, clean and comfortable houses.”

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage  was centre stage at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Just prior to wielding the ceremonial scissors, Mayor Savage applauded the efforts of both Provident and the project.

“This milestone would not have been possible without the contributions of our staff, trusted trades suppliers and project partners,” Greenough concluded. “This has been a great experience and it is clear that the new owners will be getting an excellent home which will be inexpensive to operate and a pleasure to live in.”


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