Report says Moncton stadium cost overruns due to poor management


An independent internal auditor’s report finds that poor management is to blame for $3.8 million in cost overruns on the Moncton stadium, reports CBC News.

The City of Monctonis planning to build a $105 million sports and entertainment centre on the site of the old Highfield Square Mall.

According to the 69-page report, the initial estimated budget for the University of Moncton stadium was $13.8 million.After getting federal and provincial funding, the budget was increased to $20.5 million. But the city ended up going over that budget by $3.8 million during construction in 2010, according to the news report.

The audit suggests the project was poorly organized and poorly managed from start to finish, the newspaper reports.

The report makes 36 recommendations, including better communications and bookkeeping by the city.

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