Retirement village in Gillams moving to next phase


Victor Hann is ready to move to the next phase in his plan to develop a retirement village in Gillamsin Newfoundland & Labrador, reports TheWestern Star.

“It’s a development with a difference,” said Hann, who first shared his vision for the Appalachian Mountain View Retirement Village with The Western Star in late 2011.At the time the Summerside native who had lived in Labrador City since the mid 1960 was in the concept stage of the plan, but now he’s getting closer to making the concept a reality.

Hann retired from the Iron Ore Company of Canada in 1997 and almost immediately started to wonder what he could do with the 40 acres of land he owns in Gillams.

So he started to thinking about his own interests and around 2003 the idea for the retirement village really started to come into focus.

Hann’s plan is to put 73 homes on the property along Farm Road that is in behind, but overlooking the community. The village, a project of Hanns Gravel Pit Ltd., will be fully developed with roads and sidewalks, walking trails and a community garden.

The pre-fabricated homes, which will be built by Kent Homes, will be priced at around $235,000. “Well within the ballpark of affordability,” said Hann.

The community will feature three different styles of homes, the layouts of which were designed by Hann in conjunction with Kent Homes. “They will come with all the requirements in regards to what an aging individual needs,” said Hann.

Following the concept stage, during which Hann enlisted the services of Hatch Mott MacDonald, he moved to the second phase of developing a more solid plan for the development including construction estimates. Phase three of the project, a full topographical survey of the land, has also been completed.

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