Sinclair Contracting wins bid to build Colchester County’s scale house


Salmon River, Nova Scotia-based Ian Sinclair Contracting has been selected as the successful bidder for construction of Colchester County’s new scale house at the Kemptown landfill facility, reports Truro Daily News.

Sinclair, who won the job with a bid of $401,031 (plus HST), was one of six bidders for the job, which also includes installation of new scales and a new public drop-off facility.

The municipality, which had set a budget of $386,700 for the project, originally tendered for the job last summer but decided to revisit its plans after the lowest bid came in at $720,809.

At the time, the project consisted of two scales, a new one plus relocation of the existing scales, as well as two approaches and the public drop-off facility. Given the difference between the lowest bid and the set budget, the municipality re-tendered the project in early March with a reduced scope that included only one scale, one approach and the public drop-off facility. As well, the approach to the scales was redesigned from asphalt to concrete.

The project is to be completed this year.

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