Alton gets approval to build gas facility in Colchester County


Alton Natural Gas Storage LP received approval from the Utility and Review Board to constructa natural gas storage facility in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, reports The Chronicle Herald.

The company did not disclose when construction of the underground facility would begin.

Alton Natural Gas Storage is co-owned by Veresen Inc. and AltaGas Ltd. AltaGas controls Heritage Gas Ltd., which operates a gas distribution network in the province.

Alton filed its multimillion-dollar project with the board in June 2011. The storage project received environmental approval from the province in December 2007.

In addition, Alton also received approval in May from Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau to construct a 10.8-kilometre pipeline needed to connect the underground facility to Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline’s Halifax lateral.

The Alton pipeline is estimated to cost $6 million to $10 million and would take two months to build, according to a report prepared by Stantec Consulting Ltd. earlier this year.

The pipeline is planned to be in service in 2014-15.

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