APM to begin development on former Holland College property in Summerside


APM is looking to begin development on the former Holland College property site in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, this summer if plans are approved, reports Journal Pioneer.

The plan does not involve the former Holland College building but rather the parking area between the building and Ryan Street.The company bought the property from the province in 2008 but had difficulty getting development underway because of the slow marketplace.

APM CEO Tim Banks said this initiative will open the entire property up for development.

“We’re very close to putting forward a plan to the city to build a small building on the corner of the lot that would house a couple of commercial tenants,” Banks said. “That would be across from the A&W. The nice news about it is if we get it finally signed off it would be a start to getting that development going up there. It would secure putting in an entrance into the property and generally put a new sense of direction on it.”

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