Construction could begin on $50M residential subdivision


Work on a major new residential subdivision in Sydney in Nova Scotia could begin within a few weeks, reports Cape Breton Post.

Everett Knickle, a controller with Joneljim Construction, said once the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) gives final approval to the subdivision plans for the Cossitt Heights land assembly, the developers should be ready to proceed shortly thereafter with construction of roads and sewer and water systems.

“As soon as they do their final review and approval on it, we’ll be able to begin construction,” Knickle said.

The partners, Sydney contractor Joneljim Construction and Halifax-based home builder Picket Fence Homes, announced last year plans to build 350 housing units over a 10-year period, ranging from seniors apartments and single-level townhouses to semi-detached and single-family homes.

The project will also include the development of walking and biking trails, a boardwalk and recreation fields while maintaining the surrounding wetlands.

The development will proceed in five two-year stages. The first phase is expected to cost about $5 million to construct. Over 10 years, it is estimated to be a $50-million project.

The first phase will be a mix of apartment buildings, townhouses, duplexes and single-family dwellings.

“We tried to forecast the market demand, we forecast it over a 10-year period,” Knickle said. “If the market demand increases, then we’d be able to complete the phases and put the units on the market quicker.”

About 30-40 jobs could be created as construction gets underway, with up to 100 or more at peak.

Eight apartment buildings with eight units each, the two 16-unit senior apartment buildings and one 40-unit multi-level seniors complex are expected to cost the developers $14 million. The cost to build single family homes was priced at $21 million.

The developers purchased the Cossitt Heights land assembly from the CBRM for $500,000. The CBRM had been seeking a residential developer for the subdivision since 2007.

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