Kelly becomes youngest Passive House designer in Nova Scotia


The Burnside News reports that Ryan Kelly, program manager with Efficiency Nova Scotia, became the youngest and third Certified Passive House Designers in Nova Scotia.

Passive House is an internationally-recognized standard of energy efficient building design.It is a German building standard that reduces home heating requirements to near-zero levels using design elements such as superinsulation, air-tight construction and ensuring the physical design, layout and construction minimizes heat loss.

The Passive House approach can reduce a typical home’s heating bill to less than $500/year.

Kelly completed his certification training through the Canadian Passive House Institute and NSCC. He passed a certification test in Ottawa, which was then verified by the International Passive House Institute in Germany.

“Passive House is the future of energy efficient construction,” said Kelly. “I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to help reduce costs for homeowners and grow our energy efficiency expertise in Nova Scotia”.

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