Halifax architect urges for more wood construction


Architects and developers in Halifax are seeking opportunities to turn their dream of developing tall buildings made with woods into reality.

The Chronicle Heraldreports that designers, developers and lumber experts are now looking at the idea of using cross-laminated timber and other layered wood products to build structures that stand 10 storeys and higher.

Joe Zareski, vice-president of WHW Architects in Halifax, said he wants to see more buildings in Halifax constructed out of wood, according to the newspaper.

“The great thing about wood is that it’s a natural material that absorbs carbon, as opposed to creating a carbon footprint,” Zareski said, adding that there are still questions about cost, construction time and durability.

“The thing with some of these more exotic wood technologies is that they’re not locally available. You’d have to get it from Quebec or out west, which, in itself, is not very sustainable.”

While Zareski thinks it is going to take some time for the building industry to come around to the idea, he believes cross-laminated timber could be fashioned from Nova Scotia’s forests.

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