Newfoundland awards tenders for bridge work

newfoundland bridge

The Newfoundland government recently awarded six tenders for bridge replacements.

According to the Department of Transportation and Works, several more priority projects are planned for this year.In its 2013 budget, the province allocated more than $866 million on infrastructure projects.

“Bridge replacements and repairs play a significant role in our overall infrastructure improvement strategy,” said Transportation and Works Minister Paul Davis.”We deliver long-term benefits for local residents and we also provide economic benefits for local companies and local communities,” Davis said.

Tender for the replacement of Main Point Bridge on Route 332 was awarded to Trident Construction Ltd. with a contract value of $1,039,717.

Mike Kelly and Sons Ltd. received a $497,630 tender for rehabilitation of Sandy River Bridge on Route 370. A tender for rehabilitation of Parsons Pond Bridge on Route 430 was awarded to Floyd’s Construction Ltd. with a contract value of $488,700.

CAN-AM Construction Ltd. was awarded a tender with a value of $401,434 for rehabilitation of both North Harbour River Bridge and Little Salmonier River Bridge on Route 92.

Replacement of Gull Island Bridge on Route 70 was awarded to Chard’s Construction Ltd. with a contract value of $598,680 and rehabilitation of Horwood River Bridge on Route 331 and the Curtis Causeway Bridge (Dildo Run) on Route 340 was awarded to Major’s Logging Ltd. with a total contract value of $478,050.

In addition, a tender has also been called for the replacement of English Harbour East Bridge on Route 211-13, with a single lane 36-metre, single-span panel type bridge.Another tender has been called for the replacement of Traverse Book Bridge on Route 320 with a two-lane, 36-metre concrete girder bridge.

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