NS: CBRM unveils online building permit application system


The Cape Breton Regional Municipality on March 17 said that it has implemented a process to allow building permit applicants online access to their building permit applications and their approved building permit information.

The building permit process is very open now. The building permit applicants will be provided with the ability to access their application online using a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to check their status.

Applicants can see what departments the building permit application has been sent to for approval and if that department has approved the application or not.

The applicant can contact the individual departments to check on their progress and determine if additional information may be required.

Once approved, the permit holder can access the building permit online to request inspections on their project and to also view all inspection reports carried out by the Building Official on the project.

The login is at http://permits.cbrm.ns.ca/

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