Summerside Youth Correctional Facility to undergo upgrades

summerside youth pei sattelite

The Summerside Youth Correctional Facility plans to make upgrades that will allow it to take in more of the overflow of inmates from the adult correctional system, reports Journal Pioneer.

Allan Curley, manager of divisional security for Community Correctional Services, said that the tenders for the work should start going out before the end of August.

The Summerside facility already upgraded one of its four units in 2011 to allow it to house adult inmates if the need arises.

“If we find ourselves with a high count, rather than double bunking in certain areas, we’ll try to utilize this wing to offset any overcrowding that might occur,” said Curley. “We’d be looking at making this unit ready for low-risk adult offenders. Many of those are either intermittent sentence… many of those are impaired driving charges, and those who would be looking at pre-release.”

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