Tender issued to fix Trans Canada Highway exit at Pasadena


The Newfoundland & Labrador’s Department of Transportation and Works has issued a tender to fix the damage on the Trans Canada Highway at Exit 12, reports Western Star.

The area was washed out at the end of April because of high amounts of rain, leaving a very large hole, and ever since then traffic has been detoured through Pasadena onto the main road at Exit 13. The department’s findings show the collapse occurred as a result of damage caused by high water levels not seen in more than 30 years, according to Transportation Minister Paul Davis.

The tender includes the building of a berm and repairs to the highway and the exit.

Davis said: “This section of the TCH was built approximately 20 years ago and engineered to Canadian highway standards. We ask the public for continued patience and cooperation as the remediation work gets underway.”

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