Tenders issuedfor Bowater Mersey paper mill demolition

mersey paper

Deloitte Restructuring Inc., on behalf of the province of Nova Scotia, has issued two tenders for the former Bowater Mersey paper mill in Brooklyn, reports The Advance.

mersey paper
A postcard of the Mersey paper company from 1929. (Nova Scotia Museum)

One tender is for sale of a paper making machine and other equipment still left on the mill site. The funds raised from the sale will go back into the company that took over the site, ReNova Scotia Bioenergy Inc., the newspaper said.

Other tender went out to demolish 19 of the 31 structures on the site. Both tenders have a deadline of December 5. Demolition would begin on December 16.

The mill site is being turned into a bio-resource excellence centre.

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