Town of Truro reconsiders roundabout project for McClure’s Mills


Construction of a roundabout at the intersection of McClure’s Mills and Lower Truro Road in Truro, Nova Scotia, is being re-evaluated, reports the Truro Daily News.

The roundabout was initially slated to begin construction last summer.

“We would need a two-lane roundabout for it to work and it would cost too much,” said Andrew MacKinnon, director of public works for the Town of Truro.

The project was first estimated to cost $250,000 for a one-lane roundabout. The price for a two-lane roundabout project rose to $770,000.

“We are going back to the drawing board and getting traffic consultants to investigate the flow of traffic (usage) and cost. (A roundabout) is still always an option, but we could put in lights or a protected slip lane” designed specifically for left-hand turns.

According to MacKinnon, information from the traffic consultants could be finalized in August. Information would then be presented to town council, possibly in August or September, for further discussion.

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